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About RED

RED Software is a branch of function for Redge AB. It builds upon the foundation of Redge and is maintained by Rasmus Englund. 

Currently our business is divided into two parts: iOS app development and website development. 

We've been developing iOS apps since early 2017 and have so far released five apps on the Apple App Store.

We've been building websites for several years for local, small businesses at low prices. We are using, an online tool for website building.

If you would like to do business with us, we're sure we could strike a deal!


If you would like to do business with us, use the contact tool or email us directly at / If you want price offers or just more information don't hesitate. We love to do business with all sorts companies and we can surely find a solution for you. 

Otherwise if you are simply curious and want to know more about our products and services we will gladly answer any question. Expect a reply within a day or two. 

Gothenburg, Sweden

+46 76-349 61 28