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Far too many great ideas are never realised and are never given a chance to achieve their true potential. In the digital era, extensive knowledge, experience and resources are needed in order to realise and turn those visions into reality. Be it a concept for a mobile application or just an idea for a helpful, informative website.


We are here for the creative ones, to aid them in bringing those thoughts to life! 

We have the

solution for



Tailored to your needs.

We aim to work in close connection to our customers and help them realise their ideas and provide the tools and expertise needed for them to set their creativity free. We have the solutions and toolsets  required for you to bring your idea to the market and into the pockets of millions.

iOS Apps

Explore our portfolio of iOS apps. Written in Apple's Swift. 


We strive to create beautiful and accessible websites for all.


We offer the fullstack suite.

Ask us about our services in backend and frontend development.

Find out which

software solution 

would suit you.


Send us an email or give us a call. We offer free consultation on your project and would gladly discuss any idea of yours and provide you with whatever help we can. Broad technological knowledge and experience goes a long way. Take your first step towards realising your vision, today! 

Iteration is



Retaining close communication with the client over the course of the development process is at the very core of our development philosophy. Delivering a product of high quality whilst maintaining close communication and a short feedback loop between developer and client, is our highest priority. Our customers can always rely upon us to deliver a product tailored to their demands and vision. 

Customer trust

at heart.

Pay when you are satisfied.

Including the customer in the development process by always keeping a short feedback loop and quick communication ensures high customer satisfaction. No payment is required until you are satisfied and the requested product, designed to perfectly fit your needs, has been delivered. 


"RED has delivered a beautiful web page which suits our needs perfectly. Fast and efficient work with a swift delivery."

- AllActive



"RED eagerly listens to the customer's demands and vision, eventually turning it into a beautiful website!"

- Macarena Contreras

InduTrail AB


”The cooperation with RED Software has been swift and effortless. The finished product turned out exactly as agreed. Correspondence has been without delays and always on point, with a 'can do' attitude."

-Kristoffer Alberts

Spasiba AB

Welcome to the digital age.


Leap into the digital era with efficient software and beautiful design. 

We provide you with the knowledge and resources needed in order for you to leap into the digital era. Either by putting your idea into the pockets of millions of people, or by exposing your brand and reaching out to billions of people on the web. 

We are ready. Just give us a call.

+46 76 349 61 28

RED Software Sweden

by Redge AB

RED Software is a branch of function for Redge AB Sweden. Established in 2017 to provide efficient software and products tailored to the customer’s needs, where beautiful and appealing design is at heart.

Gothenburg, Sweden

+46 76 349 61 28



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