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RED Software has since March of 2017 developed apps for Apple's iOS App Store. As of summer 2018 we have released four apps.

In general, our focus lies on making simple, yet fun, games. Bad Badger, Dogfight and ColorDrop all fall into this category. But with the release of Quickchat we tried something new. With the upcoming release in 2018 of Switcharoo we're taking another step from the gaming section of App Store to the utility part. We won't stop releasing games though!

At the moment our apps are only available on iOS and not on Android or Windows Phone, but that might change in the future. All apps are today developed by Rasmus Englund utilising Swift and Apple's own development environment XCode. 

All apps can be found on the iOS App Store. Use the corresponding links below to find them!


RED Developer Rasmus Englund

interview with Reinder De Vries from in May 2017.

Developer Showcase

Showcase on Rasmus Englund discussing iOS programming on in September 2018.


Our portfolio

Little & Brave

Little and Brave is an interactive book about anxiety, targeting children, 5-8 years old. The application aims to enable organic conversations about anxiety between parent and child.The content of the book was developed by child psychologist Kristoffer Alberts, based in Sweden.

As a parent, it can be a delicate act of balance to be understanding and at the same time not let a child’s fear take over the family’s daily life. If feeling unsure as to how to help your child overcome fear, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist. If the child has a serious phobia that dominates the family’s daily life, it’s always best to get professional help.

"I’m very happy with how the finished application turned out. RED Software has been very responsive to all feature requests and wishes regarding the app, making the development a great collaborative experience. Highly recommended!"

Kristoffer Alberts

Spasiba AB

AllActive Fitness

AllActive takes interactive fitness to the next level by creating a social platform for fitness junkies to engage with like minded people, in order to keep them motivated in their training and provide an encouraging, digital environment for a healthier lifestyle.


The concept is simple: schedule your weekly workouts in 4-week intervals. Choose from a vast variety of different workouts or make your own. Follow your schedule, log your personal thoughts after a workout and keep going!


By setting up and customising your own workout schedule, you're setting yourself up for success! The goal is to stay disciplined and keep on going, for as long as possible. Challenge your friends to achieve a higher score and retain your streak. Compete against your friends, who can stay on schedule the longest?

Zenuity Cosmos

During an internship at Zenuity's headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Cosmos app was developed to benefit their development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance-Systems) and connected road safety applications. Cosmos stands for "Connected Safety Mobile Simulator". Connected to a backend of map and traffic data, the app simulates a connected stoplight with calculated futures, pushing them to the cloud and thus simulating a real traffic light.



Dogfight is a action, arcade game. It's fun, fast and simple! And it offers a challenge to most players. Can you survive as the pressure rises? Can you survive to the last wave? 

Find out by downloading Dogfight today for free! Challenge yourself in Dogfight! How many points can you get?

Dogfight available on iPhone and iPad.


Chat with your friends using this new, beautiful way of communication. Introducing Quickchat for iOS!  Quickchat is a chat app maximising the use of beautiful colors with a quick and clean user interface. Every message is only allowed to contain up to 40 characters, forcing you to chat quickly! It's as easy as that!


Download ColorDrop now and take on the challenge. 
The game is at first glance simple. But try it out and you will notice it's tougher than it looks!
Can you do it?

Bad Badger

Bad Badger is an easy and fun game. It's inspired by the classic arcade game, found in amusement parks, in which you attempt to hit an animal with a hammer.
Challenge yourself in Bad Badger! How many points can you get?



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