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Searching for beautiful and stable full stack systems? We offer fully covered and integrated backend and frontend services. Complete delivery from design to deployment. 


The fullstack suite?




systems from 



Get tailored fullstack suites

for your enterprise.


We offer the fullstack suite. Custom backends, database solutions and WSGI layers for your APIs or data storage needs bundled with beautiful, modern frontend design. Powered by industry leading Python backend solutions and sleek React designs.



We offer Python backend WSGIs for stable and reliable database integration and APIs. Choose from FastAPI, Flask or Django solutions.


Modern frontend development in React brings beautiful, responsive, custom designs for your web apps.

Reach out to us today to get your free quote on a new, custom full or single stack solution. 

RED Software Sweden

by Redge AB

RED Software is a branch of function tor Redge AB Sweden. Established in 2017 to provide efficient software and products tailored to the customer’s needs, where beautiful and appealing design is at heart.

Gothenburg, Sweden

+46 76 349 61 28



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