At RED Software we make visually and functionally great, yet affordable, websites for local businesses and organisations.


In the current digital market, a business’ image on the web is vital for attracting traffic and converting sales as well as informing potential customers and already acquired ones about your work, in a clear and concise way. Therefore, minimalist design combined with easy navigation and a great user experience is at the core of our design principles. The internet has completely revolutionised the way businesses acquire customers, and no one should be left behind. We want to help you by helping your customers or organisation members. 

We believe that the local businesses play a central role in the modern economy, but in order for them to keep on doing so they have to adapt to new means of communicating with customers. With an efficient and easy project given at extremely low prices we will deliver a website fully suited for this purpose!


If you’re in need of a website to take you and your organisation or business into the digital sphere, or need a revamp of your current one, we are here to help!

Send us an email and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. 

Our websites

”RED has done a great job with my website! They came with a lot of input of their own, but still heard us out on what we wanted. And it turned out just as we imagined. Quick, cheap and without headache… Recommended!”

- Redge 2018

"I am very satisfied with what RED has delivered. 

They have definitely done a great and efficient job!"

- Surtekliniken 2018

"Great service from RED web development, good designing and logo production. Very easy to work with and fast efficient communication. Would highly recommend!"

- Peidi Liu, Klickparkering 2018

”I am very satisfied with the website they have designed for me. I’m especially impressed by the way that they have made it so personal in the choice of color and form. They’ve certainly managed to catch what I wanted. They listen, feel and convert the customer's wishes into reality! I recommend them, they want a happy customer!”

- Kerstin Englund 2018


”The cooperation with RED Software has been swift and effortless. The finished product turned out exactly as agreed upon.The mail correspondence has been without delays and the communication has always on point, with a "can do" attitude. I recommend RED Software to anyone aiming for a web presence for their company, but lack the time and/or ability to do it on their own. ”

- Kristoffer Alberts, Spasiba AB 2018


"RED has delivered a beautiful web page which suits our needs perfectly. Fast and efficient work with a swift delivery. 

We can see a lof of focus has been put on the design and the coherent feeling across the entire site really makes for a stunning website"

wfp logo.png

"I really appreciate RED's time and dedication in building my first website. I admire their 

professionalism in way of approach. Way to go!"

Website later partially edited by customer


"RED eagerly listens to the customers demands and vision, eventually turning it into a beautiful website!"

-Macarena Contreras, InduTrail AB 2019